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Professional Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting Solution

for Desktop and Mobile Platforms

Windows • Linux • MacOS X • Apple iOS


a Zynaptiq company

Cutting Edge Technology

    DIRAC redefines the limits of what todays’ technology can do for your application if you want to change the speed and pitch of music independently without sacrificing quality. Used by leading hi-end audio processing applications and custom built solutions in studios around the world, DIRAC is our critically acclaimed time stretching and pitch shifting technology that can be applied both musically monophonic and polyphonic signals with equal ease and success. Its straightforward API makes it an ideal tool for any software project that requires time stretching and pitch shifting.

Whatever You’re Using now - We’re Faster!

    DIRAC’s new DiracFx API offers transient-aware time stretching and pitch shifting for polyphonic music at unprecedented speed. Our developers have done a remarkable job at optimizing our award-winning time-frequency algorithm to a point that leaves everything else behind. DiracFx is also the world’s first time stretching algorithm that does its DSP magic without using any trigonometric functions, which results in a dramatically increased performance over traditional FFT based methods. Of course, Dirac still offers our full-quality algorithms for mastering and post production as well.

Easy to integrate

    DIRAC is a powerful tool for C/C++ developers that integrates seamlessly with all modern APIs and audio applications. Worst case, you should not require more than 1-2 days to get its functionality implemented into your app. There are only 5 calls to create, configure, process and destroy the DIRAC core object – it is really that easy. We recommend you check out our cross-platform sample projects available from the link at the top of this page – it is fully documented and easy to understand, and compiles and runs instantly. Think of the potential that you can unleash in your app (and the added value) by writing just half a page worth of additional code!

Free End-User AudioUnit Plug-In

    Even if you’re a Mac user and not a professional developer you might get something out of downloading the DiracLE SDK: As of version 3.5 we have included a professional pitch shifting plug in with the SDK that you can install and use rightaway. That’s right: high quality pitch shifting for polyphonic music entirely for free. And if you’re interested in changing its features or enhance it in some way you’re welcome to do so - the entire project is included with the SDK.

Fully Scaleable - from Creativity to Hi-End Mastering

    DIRAC can be used wherever speed and pitch of audio need to be changed independently of each other: for NTSC/PAL frame rate conversion, for adjusting the length of an ad to fit into a predefined time frame, for changing speed and pitch of audio tracks for remixing. It does all these tasks without making your music sound unnatural or altering the stereo image and instrument localization. Also, both performance and quality are fully scaleable.

Download free Dirac3 LE SDK + example files 

v3.6.2 [1305130900]
ZIP file, 35 MB

Contains all projects, libraries, API documentation and example files for both mobile and desktop platforms

Please note:
DiracLE iOS does not support arm64. Dirac mobile PRO is required for arm64 support.

*) Realtime operation on iOS devices: On iOS devices, we recommend at least an iPhone 3GS or better running iOS 4 or later for smooth operation. We also recommend our DiracFx API for increased battery life.